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How to choose children indoor trampoline park


Hoping to get your resonance and inspiration! The company's brand children's indoor trampoline park: suitable for playgrounds, parks, kindergartens, communities, shopping malls and other indoor and outdoor venues, set fitness and entertainment in one, to bring children a different experience!

1, rock climbing can enhance self-confidence - in the face of height than the height of the rock climbing, still resolutely decided to climb upwards, not afraid to face the difficulty of climbing challenges, the nature of nature than the average person calm and confident.

Rock climbing can increase concentration - when you step on a solid rock, pay attention to every detail of the body's movement on the rock wall, what is particularly needed at this time is full attention, which will greatly help children's future learning achievements.

2. In addition to physical exercise, the most important thing in learning to climb a rock climbing course is to enable children to increase self-affirmation and increase self-confidence in the course of striving for improvement. This kind of self-challenging exercise is more competitive than general sports. , more conducive to the positive development of personality. Experts concluded that the benefits of rock climbing for people, especially those with physical fitness and mentality in development, are as follows:

3, can increase the child's body softness and sense of coordination

This is the key ability for rock climbing, and its importance is even better than physical strength. There are already medical fields in foreign countries that use rock climbing to correct the muscle development of teenagers and the coordination of hands, eyes, and body;

4, can enhance the child's physical strength

Climbing sports do not need big muscle baby, it is the balance of force and beauty of the hands and feet, and enough to load their own weight, against gravity, but this girl does not lose a boy.

5, can increase children's attention

When stepping down on the rock and observing every detail of the movement of the body on the rock wall, what is particularly needed at this time is to fully infuse, which is a great help for the future learning achievement of young people.

6, can promote the child's initiative

When they rely on climbing ropes to bear weights and high walls, it is to give up or continue to insist that there is not only courage to be described, but also the willpower, sense of honor, and self-transcendence.

7, can improve children's self-confidence

Faced with taller than their own height, the rock wall still resolutely climbs upwards. It is not afraid to face the difficulty and challenge in the rock climbing process. The nature of mind is naturally calmer than ordinary people.

8, to promote the development of a sense of physical balance

The “spider man” who is known to walk on the rock wall, walks in the basic posture of “three points not moving, and moves a little,” which is based on the sense of balance. Only one growth is experienced. The teenager is still developing a sense of balance between body and mind. It is even more necessary to strengthen the training of this physical fitness for healthy and happy growth.

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